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Alpha Story: Linda

Reflecting on why I chose to take The Alpha Course, I realized that although religion has never been a part of my life growing up, I had always been curious. And through Alpha, my curiosity has transformed into a new beginning. For me, this class has offered insight into what a life of faith is […]

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Alpha Story: Chris Crim

My name is Chris Crim and my family and I have recently become members at PLC. I wanted to share with you my experience attending the Alpha Course. This course in my opinion is a must do and has had such a dramatic impact on my life. My wife Janice and I found out about […]

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Alpha Story: Crystal Stewart

1/7/16 My husband, Mike, and I originally signed up to take the Alpha Course because we were in the process of officially becoming members at PLC. Pastor Sean thought it would be a great class for us, both for our spiritual walks and to connect with others since we didn’t really know anyone at PLC. […]

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Alpha Story: Mike Stewart

1/8/16 Reflections on The Alpha Course -or- Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jesus But Were Afraid to Ask. After hearing so much about Alpha; how life-altering it is, how uplifting, and, finally, that there would be dinner served and free child-care, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We were also actively pursuing […]

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Alpha Story: Matty Proctor

To tell my Alpha story, I feel I must begin with my childhood. I grew up in a household with absolutely no religion. No talk of God. No discussion of Spirit. Nothing. Don’t get me wrong, my childhood was wonderful. I lived a middle class dream, filled with all the things and experiences any child […]

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Alpha Story: Angela Weathers

Why I chose to go to the Alpha Course… …death …grief …misunderstanding …unknowing …searching. Neither my husband nor I were raised with religion. We knew about God and a couple of prayers but it wasn’t something practiced in either of our homes. My family started attending PLC six months after my mother-in-law went unexpectedly to […]

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Alpha Story: Kara York

I love Alpha! I love reconnecting with Jesus and the Holy Spirit! I love to see the miracles that occur during our weeks of fellowship! I love to see people connect and transformed all through experiences in their learning and faith! Wow, what a wonderful God we have! Is this too much for you to […]

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Alpha Story: Karl & Judy Fish

“What is Alpha?” I thought, as my family and I entered PLC for the first time and noticed that big sign with an enormous Bear Grylls on it asking the question, “Is there more to life than this? Hmmm… Here is a little background on how we ended up at that place and time, pondering […]

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Alpha Story: Susan McClatchey

Hi, my name is Susan McClatchey. I am a single mother of a wonderful 25 year-old son named John, and currently working as Head of Quality at a local biotech company. I want to share a little about myself and how I came to be a new member at PLC and a recent attendee of […]

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