Alpha Stories

Real lives. Real experiences.

Attending the Alpha Course at PLC has been changing lives since we first began running it in the spring of 2008. Alpha is much more than a teaching tool. It is a culture of invitation that relates directly to our mission as a congregation, to connect people to Jesus and to one another. It is an invitation to developing relationships. It is an invitation to join a family that goes beyond this generation and into eternity.

We have for you here, a mere handful of the personal stories from PLC, authored by the people who experienced them. May you be encouraged and inspired by them. And may God bless you with many opportunities to share your faith and invite a friend to Alpha.

I originally came to PLC about 4 years ago in an attempt to get my son connected to something. As it turned out, and what I didn’t realize at the time, I also needed a connection. …and then I started hearing about Alpha. … I thought it sounded interesting, but it wasn’t really my thing. Read more of Terri’s Story.


For a long time, I had been hearing about Alpha on Sunday mornings and was curious about what it was and why people spoke so enthusiastically about it. Not only that, people would attend it multiple times! It sounded life changing for others and I wanted to find out what it was all about. Read more of April’s Story.

My earliest experiences with God was going to church with my parents and grandmother in North Carolina. I was baptized at age 12 and went through confirmation. Those events felt special, but as soon as I started high school, I walked away from the Lord. Read more of Amy’s Story.