Building Loft Homes for Mexico

PLC has been building two loft homes per year for over a decade for families in Mexico who are in desperate need of housing. The building team pre-assembles small “loft homes” here in San Diego, trailers them to Ensenada and outlying areas, and does final assembly on site. There are many ways that you can help:  participate in the building process, contribute financially and pray. Pray for the families who will receive these homes and for blessings and safety at the work sites and while traveling.

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General Build Schedule

  • Stage 1:  Material Cutting:  Cut materials for the loft homes in the PLC parking lot. Adults only, please! Experience preferred.
  • Stage 2:  Framing at PLC:  Assembling, painting and loading the pre-fabricated loft home sections on our trailers will take 40-50 people. This is truly a family mission experience. There are things to do for all ages, skilled and not-so-skilled.
  • Stage 3:  Trailer to Mexico:  Leave PLC at 8:30 am
  • Stage 4:  Mexico Build:  Leave PLC at 5:30 am and start assembling the loft homes about 9:00 am We head back to San Diego when we’ve completed the loft homes, returning to PLC around 8:00 pm. Note:  there is also an option to return on Sunday after the Mexico build. 

Note:  A passport is necessary to re-enter the U.S.