In the tradition of the Lutheran Church, Confirmation is a time set aside in a young person’s life for study and reflection in preparation for their public Affirmation of Faith. The student takes the faith of their parents expressed at baptism and makes it their own. This course of study leads up to the Rite of Confirmation the fall following the third year of study.

Lessons are connected to the everyday struggles and questions students have as they navigate the application of their Christian faith. Participating in Confirmation connects young people to Christian mentors and friends to encourage and give each one the ability and the desire to live a life of faith in Jesus Christ that will influence their daily activities and their decisions for life.

Confirmation Prep Class (1 year)

  • Who:  Sixth Grade Students
  • What:  Parents are the primary teachers of this preparatory class. Families will follow a course of study in their own home using the Action Bible and its one-year devotional companion as a text and guide. The Action Bible brings preteens into the action with engaging content and dramatic illustrations by renowned comic book artist Sergio Cariello.
  • When/Where:* Upon registration, students will receive their books and families can view a video presentation of the course content and instructions.
  • How to connect:  Register your child(ren) to receive the instructional video link, along with The Action Bible, and accompanying devotional.
  • Fee:  $60 (a discount will be given to returning families who have already purchased The Action Bible for their home).

Confirmation (2 years)

  • Who:  Seventh and Eighth Grade Students
  • What: Luther’s Small Catechism provides the text for this 2-year study of the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed and the 10 Commandments. As suggested by Luther himself, parents will be the primary teachers this year. Lessons will be enhanced with video learning, activities to enhance the experience for all family members, and an opportunity for students to connect with peers in a small group setting (meeting via Zoom).
  • When/Where:* Notes and a video for each lesson will be sent Friday mornings to be completed by Monday meeting nights. There are usually 2 lessons per month with breaks for holidays. Small groups will also have the opportunity to connect for social activities and to complete service projects throughout the year.
  • How to connect:  Register your student (first year only). Continuing students need not register.
  • Fee:  Materials fee for First Year Students:  $60.

*Upon the lifting of COVID restrictions, all Confirmation meetings will take place at the church on Monday nights. Meals will accompany lesson presentations and a camp experience will be provided. Fees will be adjusted with program changes.