The Navigators

A team of men led by Gene Smith travel weekly to Edson Range Chapel at Camp Pendleton to introduce the Gospel to Marine recruits and give these men an opportunity to commit their lives to the Christian life. This team supports the command chaplain in religious service chapel and Christian education classes. This is also a ministry to the men who serve as instructors or prayer partners as this ministry provides a unique opportunity to study God’s Word and teach it to the young leaders of tomorrow. Gene Smith and his wife Marilyn were called to receive training with The Navigators in 1973 and have committed themselves to help to bring hope and healing to young Marine recruits weekly at the Edson Range Chapel through Biblical teaching and individual prayer with recruits desiring support and encouragement. During this time they have seen countless recruits preparing to serve our country in both peacetime and wartime give their lives to the Lord. Each week approximately 782 recruits are served and 12 volunteers work serving as instructors. PLC has a solid team of six men who help out with this ministry.

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