Cultivate Honduras

Update:  April 2020

When Nathan and Kathy Brown, long-term missionaries with Cultivate Honduras, heard the recent call for Americans to return home, they knew immediately they would stay in place to minister to Hondurans as they experienced one of the most severe lockdowns imposed by any country around the world. The Browns take on great risk to purchase food supplies for distribution to those of greatest need; stretching curfew rules and being on the road alone at challenging times so that starvation does not claim the lives of those in isolation to prevent Covid-19. Nathan and his team have bagged, delivered, and distributed over 1500 lbs. of beans, nearly 1500 lbs. of rice, and over 1500 lbs. of masa since mid-March near Honduras’s capital, Tegucigalpa. As Kathy says, “Honestly, my main concern for Honduras is not the disease but the hunger. Many people in this country live by the rule of “work today, eat today,” and now many of those people are protesting in the streets, especially in the big cities.” Please keep the nation of Honduras in your prayers and all those who are there working on the front lines of support. To donate to the Honduras food distribution efforts, please click here. Monies received will be utilized by Cultivate Honduras, Hands of Hope Honduras, and Coffee4Kid Honduras.

Kathy and Nathan Brown are the founders of Cultivate Honduras. Ten years ago the Browns sold all of their belongings, applied for passports and moved to a foreign nation to help a missionary family in Honduras. After a series of events, the family moved away from Honduras and the Browns found themselves alone and without a further mission. They asked the Lord for direction and received only one word: “Stay” and so they did. Nathan felt the Lord was calling him to minister in Los Pinos, one of the most dangerous barrios in Tegucigalpa. Armed with an iron skillet, a camp stove, pancake mix and Bible, Nathan walked into an M18 gang house and asked, “Hey, who wants breakfast and a good word?” Since then, they have lived and served God for 10 years in Honduras; feeding the poor, preaching the Gospel, leading worship and being pastors to local pastors. Nathan teaches local youth agricultural techniques and carpentry while Kathy teaches English at a local bilingual school.

At their property, Villa Irma, they raise several types of oranges, bananas, and many other tropical fruits as well as other types of crops. Their primary efforts are planting beans and coffee and donate all that is raised to the poor. This recently included four tons of citrus that were given to three orphanages, three schools, and a camp for special needs children. Kathy and Nathan lead worship at a local church, retreats and conferences. On the final Friday of each month, they invite about 20 friends (both locals and missionaries) for a night of worship, fellowship and special prayer. Nathan evangelizes and disciples the children and young people who come to participate in the agriculture and carpentry projects. Nathan and Kathy mentor young people, helping them grow toward their destinies in God’s Kingdom and teach people how to minister to one another, moving in the gifts of the Spirit.

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