World Outreach Ministries

Kelly Kosky, his wife Kathy and their six children left their professional lives in Montana to commit 40 years to reach the “unreached” Xhosa tribe in the Transkei, Africa. Over the past 30 years, they have started many organizations such as Gatyana Bible College, Grace Children Shelter, and Southern Cross HIV/AID Hospital. They have been very active in evangelism, church planting, and caring for orphans, schools, and clinics. Kelly serves on two subcommittees for the South African government for morality and religious freedom. He also works with the US State Department and US Foreign Service to help evaluate and monitor existing and future projects sponsored by the US government. He has worked with local and national governments to establish a major foundation that is focused on social justice, economic development and poverty alleviation. The Koskys are currently working with 16 Christian organizations that share the vision of ministering to the “hidden half” of this world. Some of Kelly’s new goals include establishing 3-5 permanent outreach centers to villages of hundreds of children gathered together to try to survive in a world where their parents have died of AIDS. Some of these villages are in garbage dumps or isolated from normal tribal villages. They also believe the Lord is calling them to expand ministries to the north of the Transkei, into KwaZulu.

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