A/V Tech Team

Sound Reinforcement

PLC’s Audio / Visual (A/V) team has always been important to making our Sunday worship services, other ministries, and almost every event or group happen. If there’s a need for amplified sound and or projection, A/V is there to support. The changes we needed to make during this pandemic have increased PLC’s ability to keep people connected from home, out on the road, on vacation, and virtually anywhere!

  • Who: Anyone who has a teachable spirit, great focus, and is interested in cameras, graphics, projection, streaming, or audio. 
  • What: Recording and streaming our worship services has created new needs in using video cameras, streaming equipment, presentation software, and audio board operators.
  • When/Where: As soon as you are comfortable to come on PLC’s campus and train with our team leaders. 
  • How to connect:  Register so we know what you already know, and where you’re interested in serving!