Alpha Story: Crystal Stewart


My husband, Mike, and I originally signed up to take the Alpha Course because we were in the process of officially becoming members at PLC. Pastor Sean thought it would be a great class for us, both for our spiritual walks and to connect with others since we didn’t really know anyone at PLC.


I honestly went into the class thinking that, as a lifelong Christian and a product of parochial school, it wasn’t going to be anything I hadn’t already heard before. And, truthfully, I thought it was probably going to be more beneficial for my husband, who is newer in his faith than I am. I was so wrong! I loved the Alpha course! I can’t put my finger on when it started affecting me, but as the course went on, I really started to look forward to Wednesday nights. I enjoyed everything about it–the meal (that I didn’t have to cook!), the free childcare (and the meals they prepared and fed my children, too!), the fellowship with others in our small group, and I really loved listening to Pastor Sean’s messages. They were personal, they were relevant, and they always left me thinking, “How is it I’ve been a Christian this long and never thought about Christ and my personal faith like this before!?”


We had also heard from other people who had previously taken Alpha that they had met some truly amazing friends from their Alpha small groups. We were skeptical of that at first, but I have to say–at the risk of being trite–we have met some truly amazing friends from our Alpha small group! After taking the Alpha course, and gaining the relationships that sprung from it, we really knew that we had found our church home in PLC.


I would recommend Alpha to anyone. It really is the best place (in the most comfortable and relaxed setting) for someone to learn, ask the tough questions, and grow spiritually. It’s a fantastic course with lots of fantastic people!


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