An Alpha Story: Erin Garriepy

My husband and I had heard great things about Alpha – both in our relationships with God and in relationships with other members of the church. We really wanted to experience them for ourselves.

When I started Alpha, I viewed questions as a bad thing. I viewed it as a “weakness” in my faith. This course really opened my eyes with respect to what my questions mean and other ways I can look at specific situations and circumstances.

I thought people were being a bit far-fetched when saying their families grew as a result of taking the Alpha Course, but they truly do. When you dive deep into your beliefs and faith, you can’t help but open up to the people in your group. As you go through the course the trust and bond of your group just continues to grow. I have developed a great bond with a lot of people in my Alpha class and 100% consider them another arm to my family tree!

If you join an Alpha Small Group, you have an opportunity to grow as a person both in your faith and in the foundation of your own family. You really have nothing to lose by trying it. Take a chance on yourself and you might be surprised!

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