An Alpha Story: Katie Burns

I have taken the Alpha Course twice. Once about five years ago when I was searching for a way to rebuild my relationship with God and again this past Spring. The first time I attended Alpha, each and every session was new information that I pondered, questioned, and discussed with my group members. It helped me understand the beliefs of Christianity, and why sin and Jesus are so important. I also built strong relationships with the ladies in my group that I continue with today. That class was a big step in bringing me back to church and to accept Christ as my Savior. This past spring, I was a host for Alpha, so it was a very different experience. I was able to discuss the topics from a different point of view and to be able to pray for the participants in a way I never have before on the Alpha Day Away.

I am a Christian thanks to my first experience, and I learned about how important it is to spend time in God’s word during the second session. Through the second Alpha Course, I saw how my prayers tended to be self-centered, and I recognized that a reason I felt that I haven’t heard from God was because I wasn’t spending time in His word. As I read more and more of the Bible, I recognize God speaking to me in how I understand the different passages based on what’s happening in my life.

I highly recommend the Alpha Course, as a way to explore Christianity both as a newcomer, or as someone looking for a new perspective into their faith by getting back to the basics.

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