An Alpha Story: Amie Sarte

When I came to the United States in February 2011, I wanted to possibly join a Christian Church. When I visited the churches, the services were good, but they really didn’t feel like home for me. My youngest son started going to Rolling Hills Elementary School and I always passed by Peñasquitos Lutheran Church (PLC) on the way to taking him to school.

After a year or two, one day, I decided to go to PLC to see how it was. The first time seeing and hearing Pastor Sean and listening to all the worshipers was very enlightening. It felt like PLC was the church I’d been looking for as a home church. I also saw the Alpha Course in the church bulletin one Sunday. I found it interesting. I wanted to know more about God, and decided to attend the class. I realized just going to service every Sunday was not enough for me to get to know God better.

My life with Christ has changed as a result of attending Alpha. Being with God is now more important to me. He is the only One I trust with everything, to open good doors for me, protect me, and to guide and provide support for me. This will allow me to achieve my goals and dreams. I feel my soul was recreated to live in a relationship with God. Alpha helped me to forget what I’ve lost in the past and to forget that life is not fair; but rather, to focus on the fairness and justness of God.

Attending the Alpha Course taught me to have a deep relationship with God, and my faith is getting stronger and deeper. Like many others, I had experienced difficulties in life, hurtful relationships, family issues that made me want to stay away from my parents, siblings and relatives. The Alpha Course helped me have peace of mind and hope for making the lives of my children and myself better. I learned so much watching the short videos every week. They helped me reconnect with my family.

Alpha helped me connect with God. One Sunday at church services, I felt so depressed at the start of the service. The congregation was singing songs and worshiping together, and I started to cry. I sat down, but after a few seconds, I no longer heard anything, and I didn’t feel anything either.  It was like everything stopped and got very quiet. I think this went on for about 15 minutes. However, afterwards I didn’t feel any sadness or heaviness in my chest. God gave me calmness.

For me, the day trip to Mount Soledad was the best part of the Alpha Course. The topic of focus was the “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. It was a huge learning experience for me. I cherished the time of taking communion and praying with my group. It was a great gift experience. It also helped me understand that the calmness I experienced was a gift given to me by God’s Holy Spirit. I believe it was the Holy Spirit allowing me to feel His presence. He was comforting me and letting me know He loves me.

The Alpha Course motivated me to read and study my Bible more often so I may know the Words of God, His teachings, and His miracles. He continues to bless my family, myself and the congregation. He has shown and encouraged me to develop my Spiritual Gifts.

Alpha also provided me new friends. The congregation members are amazing and extremely nice people with whom to exchange interesting personal experiences and spiritual thoughts. I’m grateful for the Alpha Course. It is a great blessing that helps to deeply develop faith and to grow spiritually.

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