060721 Weekly Devotional

Prayer for Education

Written by Shannon Knee for the 2021 National Day of Prayer

Dear Lord,

We come to You to pray for the next generation of young people. Protect those who know You as their Savior from being negatively influenced by the unbiblical worldview that is flooding our schools, colleges, and world today. Draw near to our young people who have not yet trusted You, or who have become disillusioned with their life and are without hope in the world.

Lord, skepticism and relativism are flooding the education system and causing so much confusion for our young people, especially when it conflicts with their faith. We pray You would stop the flood of the various ungodly ways that are sweeping through our nation and schools and reveal Yourself to a generation that has strayed so far from the truth of Your Word. 

Please help us Lord, to shine Your light on our youth so that they may gain knowledge and understanding about Your glorious plan of salvation and grace. In Your mercy, move in this next generation and halt the cultural tide that has undermined our roots and caused us to become disconnected from You, the only source of light, love, and life. We pray You would move this generation to turn back to the God who created them and sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins.

We thank You for the gift of our children and we pray You will direct their steps; that they may find favor with God and man, being grounded with integrity, honesty, wisdom, grace, and a servant’s heart.

We pray that they may walk in righteousness and truth, humility and grace, and seek to live in peace with all men, without compromise and without prejudice. May they keep the Word of God as their protective shield, and be guarded against the lies, deceit, and envy of fallen man.

Guard and guide those who will become society’s future leaders and teachers. May they hold fast to that which is good, live in peace with one another, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone, never repaying evil for evil, but always seeking after that which is good for one another, to Your praise and glory.

Lord, we thank You for those schools that desire to educate children in godly principles. Bless and protect these institutions and the many Christian school children who attend them. We pray that You would bless the teachers, the children, and those who oversee the curriculum that they are using. May it remain true to the truth of Scripture. Set in authority godly men and women who are prepared and willing to stand for the truth and who themselves are grounded in the Word of God.

Lord, we pray that Your Holy Spirit would lead and guide in all things and that not only the children, but the staff, administrators, and school boards also would grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus, so that they are able and willing to stand firm against the enemy, who would seek to destroy or taint the truth of God. We pray that each one may produce much spiritual fruit as they continue to proclaim the truth and become a witness of Your grace in the ages to come.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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