053121 Weekly Devotional

Prayer for the Military

Written by Jane Josephs for the 2021 National Day of Prayer

Dear Lord,

We bring before You the men and women in our country’s military. We pray that You would help them be strong and mighty, fighting for You, Lord, so that our enemies, foreign and domestic, would not prevail over us. May they be filled with Your power to be Your witnesses to bring love, life, and liberty as they defend freedom.

We pray for our military’s commander-in-chief, President Joe Biden, and the Secretary of the Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, that You would give these men and all those who serve in leadership under them, great wisdom and understanding, integrity and sound judgement, so they will make wise decisions regarding the defense of our country. Help them inspire respect from those under their command.

We pray specifically for the five branches of our military:

For our nation’s Army, Lord, we implore You to give our men and women in the Army courage and skill as they train and deploy using tanks, artillery, and other means of warfare.

We lift up our Air Force as they operate all manner of aircraft to defend and serve our country.

For our men and women in the Navy, Lord, we ask that You protect and defend them as they serve on the rivers, seas, and oceans around the world.

We pray for our Marines, Father God, as our expeditionary force in readiness. Give their leaders a spirit of cooperation as they work closely with the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force to deliver whatever troops are needed to win battles swiftly.

We bring our Coast Guard before You, Father, and thank You for the protection these men and women supply to our country as they monitor the United States coastline, enforce our border laws, and help with ocean rescues.

For the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Lord, we ask for Your protection. And for all those who have been wounded in whatever conflict through the ages, that You would bring Your healing touch.

For the families of all these service personnel, Lord, we pray for Your comfort, peace, and provision for them, especially in times when their loved ones are deployed far from home.

We lift up our military chaplains, Lord, and ask for Your presence to go with them, to help them bring hope, comfort, strength, and spiritual blessings to all in the military.

For all those who serve in Reserve Units and in the National Guard, Lord, we ask for Your protection as they train and serve wherever needed.

And Lord, in each of these branches of our military, we know that we have problems, conflict, and sin. So, we ask that You expose, root out, and put a stop to those engaged in:

  • abuse and/or assault—whether it be sexual, physical, emotional, or mental
  • extremism
  • racism
  • discrimination and harassment of any kind.

Educate and instruct our men and women in ways that are wholesome and God-pleasing. Where there is sin, bring genuine repentance, transformation, and reconciliation, Lord. Provide help and guidance with accountability so that this kind of negative, destructive activity is eradicated.

Bring a return, Lord, to honor, courage, and commitment in the hearts and minds of those in the military forces of our country. Instill a desire to grow personally and professionally, to take responsibility for their actions, and to exercise discipline in conduct and performance.

Great God, renew the minds of our men and women in the military to understand that every individual is a valued member of whatever branch they serve in. Bring revival in the hearts and minds of those who serve our country. Turn their hearts to seek You, Lord, and to know Your truth.

We ask this in the name of our Great and High Commander, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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