Weekly Devotional 073123

Being Vulnerable

by Mike Herrnstein

Oh Lord my God, in You I have taken shelter. Deliver me from all who chase me. Rescue me.” –Psalm 7:1

Living life as a quadriplegic makes vulnerability a constant companion on a daily basis. However, even that doesn’t compare to the vulnerability I felt in the hospital last week as I was being treated for a sodium deficiency.

The condition has some mental effects which led to some very beautiful as well as terrifying visions at night. For days I heard a choir singing in my head. Every now and then an owl would hoot. One night I felt a community connection between the nurses and my neighbors. It was a beautifully warm feeling of being a part of something. The following night everything went dark, and terrifying images appeared on my ceiling. All I could do was listen to the “choir,” keep my head and eyes low, and pray. I truly thought something sinister was waiting for me to die. It was at that point I realized how dependent I was on God.

We all go through triumphs and setbacks in life. It’s helpful to remember to let God in on both the good times and the bad—not because we deserve it but because He loves us as His creation and wants to share our life with us. Now that I am home reflecting on all of this I want to thank all those who have been praying for me through my health problems. It has made a big difference in my recent days. The power of prayer is real.

Heavenly Father, thank You for being there through the best and worse times of our life. Keep us mindful of our dependence upon You from beginning to end. Amen.

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