Alpha Story: Ralph & Whitney Corey

Ralph’s perspective:

As a Navy family who moves often, we try to acclimate quickly. We wanted to connect with more people at PLC and not head straight to our car following worship. That was the catalyst for my wife, Whitney, and I to do the Alpha Course.

I began Alpha hoping to develop relationships with other couples who had young families. I hoped that Whitney and I would grow in our marriage. This was a chance for us to spend time talking about faith with one another. I hoped for inspiration to put faith in action, step out of my comfort zone with God, and take another step closer to Him.

Alpha motivated me to strive for a more authentic faith. I gained a better understanding of my faith as a foundation for daily life. Alpha emphasized basics of the Christian faith that are often forgotten. After Alpha, I had a strong desire to be more active in my faith in the community and church.

Alpha inspired conversations at home about God, prayer, and the role of God in our marriage. Whitney and I pray more often together and ask God to be active in our family. The Alpha Day Away was an incredible experience and I felt the Holy Spirit move me closer to God. I felt His involvement in my own life, realizing that He has a plan for me. I knew God was guiding me and felt an overwhelming sense of relief that I didn’t have to figure out life on my own. God was there to help.

I know that prayer affects my relationship with God. I spend time in prayer or scripture almost daily because of participating in Alpha. I’m more dedicated to my relationship with God and I have a better relationship with Whitney too. We communicate more effectively and our marriage is more God-centered. Every Sunday we look for our Alpha small group members in the Fellowship Hall. Alpha fostered great friendships and now we stay after worship chatting while our kids run around playing with their friends.

Alpha improved my faith in God’s plan for me. When life throws curve balls my way, I trust that God is in control. When things go well, I’m quick to recognize His influence and give thanks. Alpha has inspired me to take more risks and be on the lookout for opportunities to put my faith into action.

Alpha is an opportunity to build confidence in your faith, improve your relationship with God, and engage in the body of Christ. I came away with a greater trust in God and a better appreciation for his desire to have a relationship with me. During one class, it was highlighted that God is at “life’s door” knocking, but the question is whether we will open the door and let Him into our life. Thanks to Alpha, I’m more motivated than ever to open the door and let God do great things in my life. I highly recommend you take a faith risk and try an Alpha Course.

Whitney’s perspective:

After finding PLC and deciding to make it our church home, I decided to join the Alpha Course as a result of my husband’s suggestion. We both wanted to feel a bit more connected at church, meet new people, form relationships, and were excited for the potential to grow in our relationship with the Lord. The Alpha Course did all of that and more. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

The Alpha Course helped my husband and I grow individually in our relationships with the Lord, but also as a couple. We found ourselves having meaningful conversations about the weekly subject at home. Not only did he and I grow closer together, but our small group formed deeper relationships each week. After the 11-week course, I know we have made lifelong friends and connections through our shared Alpha experience. The Alpha Day Away also had such an impact on me and was an amazing experience. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit that day like I had never experienced before. I left the day away feeling so refreshed and on fire for God! I very much welcomed His renewed presence in my life. The Alpha Course changed my life so much for the better.

Before Alpha, I had the tendency to trust God with parts of my life, but not the whole thing. I have a stronger desire to spend time with the Lord and in His Word, to know more about Him, and to trust Him completely. I would highly recommend Alpha to anyone, whether a life-long believer, a new believer, or someone who is unsure if this whole God thing is for him or her. You will not walk away regretting it!

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