091720 Weekly Devotional

My “ABC” To Do List for the Lord

by Jane Josephs

  • Acknowledge God in all my ways
  • Be authentic with others
  • Cast my cares on Him
  • Devote my heart to Him
  • Empty myself
  • Fall on His mercy
  • Grant myself room to fail
  • Help others heal
  • Invite Jesus into the secret places of my life
  • Jealously guard my time with God
  • Keep silent and listen during times of prayer
  • Let go of my fear…again and again
  • Magnify the Lord with my voice
  • Not hold back my tears
  • Open my heart to His love
  • Pursue Him
  • Quiet my soul like a weaned child with its mother
  • Realize that His power and His majesty are beyond the limits of the box I sometimes put Him in
  • Steadfastly love Him
  • Tune into the reality of His timeless intervention
  • Unleash my creativity
  • Value people
  • Worship Him in the everyday things
  • (e)Xalt His name
  • Yield my will to do His will
  • Zealously praise His name!
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