091020 Weekly Devotional

The Shelter of His Wings, Devotional #9

by Jane Josephs

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor; If they fall down, they can help each other up.” 
–Ecclesiastes 4:9

We don’t often find ourselves studying the book of Ecclesiastes, do we? The refrain of “everything is meaningless” doesn’t offer the encouragement we’re usually looking for when we open our Bible. But recently I’ve found myself thinking about this little verse in chapter 4, and the importance of being connected in fellowship and friendship.

As far back as the Garden of Eden God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone,” and He made a helpmate for him (Genesis 2:18). Later in the same book, He surely had several goals in mind when he gathered the animals into the ark two by two, don’t you think? Then there’s the story of Moses and Aaron, Joshua and Caleb, Naomi and Ruth. And in the book of Kings we read about Elijah and Elisha, two men who thought so much of each other that when Elijah was about to be taken up to heaven, Elisha refused to leave his side.

But I especially like the story of David and Jonathan in the book of Samuel. These men were such dear friends that Scripture tells us, “…he (Jonathan) loved him (David) as he loved himself” (1 Samuel 20:17). Their friendship grew even stronger in the midst of adversity, jealousy, and betrayal. Our stories, hopefully, aren’t nearly so dramatic! But as we begin a new season of ministry at PLC and children return to school (virtually and otherwise), it’s more important than ever that we purpose in our hearts to get and stay connected to Jesus and to one another. Some things don’t change even as others do:  We need each other. Always.

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