062121 Weekly Devotional

Prayers for the Family

Written by Tracy Gordon for the 2021 National Day of Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the gift of family. We ask You to send healing, restoration, and strength to America’s families. You tell us in Mark 3:25 that if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Father, we are grateful for Your plan of marriage as the foundation for a thriving family. Please restore love and commitment to couples who struggle today. Give them hope, peace, and reconciliation, and protect and bless the institution of marriage.

Lord, You created men to be spiritual leaders in their families. We pray that You give guidance and strength to husbands and fathers in America. Empower them to grow their families in faith even against the tide of culture. Raise up men with strong values who will ensure their children have a loving earthly father in their lives.

You have equipped women uniquely with the gift of nurturing. Empower today’s wives and mothers as living examples of Your compassion and grace. Reveal Your heart to wives across America to be prayer warriors and encouragers. Fill them with patience, understanding, and gentle strength for the sake of their children and husbands.

Thank You for the blessing of children, Lord! Grant parents across our country the understanding, strength, and biblical wisdom to raise godly kids. Surround couples and single parents with a caring support system of family, church, and friends. Help parents realize that the days of childhood are precious days of planting seeds. May they plant these seeds carefully and with purpose so that their children will have all they need to become all that You have intended for them.

Father God, we pray for our fractured families, especially for those who have gone through or are going through the trauma of divorce. For single moms and dads who face the challenge of parenting alone, for families in financial trouble and individuals seeking work, we pray for comfort, peace, and blessings. Lord, You see the unseen and understand the pain suffered behind closed doors. We know Your heart is broken when children and families suffer from violence. We pray today for victims of domestic violence. Rescue the abused and transform the hearts of abusers.

Lord, we ask You to always be the center of our family relationships. Let Your Spirit fill our hearts so we can love each other just as Christ loves us.

We admit God, that we are not always the lovers of peace that You want us to be. There are times in our families when we fight and bicker and let anger, strife, and bitterness rule over our hearts. Humble us, Lord, so that we may seek forgiveness without pride. Protect us from hateful thoughts and let us not be the reason for causing chaos in our homes.

Forgive us Lord, that we as a nation have forgotten the Rock upon which our faith was founded; that we have removed You from our public squares, our culture, and our families. May we confess our sins and take action against the evil that has seeped into every corner of our nation. Help us to stand for justice and righteousness. Lord, we thank You for our families and ask You to bless them and give them hearts that follow after You. Help us to be more aware of their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs so that we can better provide for each other.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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