Weekly Devotional 101722

In the Beginning…God

by Donna Middlestead

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” –Genesis 1:1

Sitting on my back patio swing is one of my little pleasures in life. As I swing slowly I look around at the clouds, the blue sky, the silhouette of the trees and bushes against the sky, people walking on the path behind our house. What a peaceful picture!

At night I enjoy the same scene from my bedroom deck. It is the same scene, but, oh, so different. Now the sky is dark, clouds replaced by moon and stars. It is very quiet. Maybe a car goes by on the street below or there’s some quiet chatter of families enjoying their backyard.

I am very grateful for these moments. It is good to take some time and appreciate the world around us at home or wherever we are.

Recently, a friend reminded me of Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God…” God created this world and gave it to us to live in, enjoy, and take care of. Sometimes we do not keep up our end of the bargain. However, the clouds still roll by, the sun and moon still shine, the plants grow, water flows. In spite of our ups and downs as believers, God is still there as He was in the very beginning. Thank you, Lord. Help me to remember and appreciate…In the beginning God!

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