Weekly Devotional 092622

Fond Memories

by Jane Josephs

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” –Philippians 1:3

My children gave me a year-long subscription last Christmas to a company called Storyworth. Each week, the company sends me a question via e-mail (pre-chosen by my daughter) that asks me to write about a story or memory from a time in my life. At the end of the year, Storyworth will compile my stories into a keepsake book for my children.

I had to smile when I read this week’s question: “What is one of your fondest childhood memories?” It only took a few minutes to compose the following:

My dad had a beautiful tenor/baritone voice, and one of my fondest memories from my childhood is lying in bed at night listening to him sing the Lord’s Prayer. He would stand at the door of my sister’s and my bedroom after tucking us in and delight us first with a few songs, like Bill Grogan’s Goat and Daddy’s Little Girl before ending his recital with the Lord’s Prayer. Those words from the Bible and the sense of God’s presence in the music are memories that stay with me to this day.

My dad has been with Jesus in glory for almost twenty years now, but just as Paul expressed his gratitude to the Philippian church, I often find myself remembering my dad with thanksgiving for the gentle way he led me to experience God’s power and majesty in music. His “partnership in the Gospel” helped birth my own journey of faith. Could there be any more beautiful a gift?

Dear Lord, thank You for beautiful memories and for those in the faith who have gone before us. Help us each day to actively partner with You to show the world Your great and awesome power and love. Amen

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