Weekly Devotional 070422

At the Pool

By Jane Josephs

“He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into flowing streams…” –Psalm 107:35

I’m not much of a swimmer, but my grandchildren can spend hours frolicking in whatever swimming pool, lake, or ocean is nearby. They toss balls, dive for coins, practice their water ballet moves, and delight in being chased and caught by one parent or the other.

Pools of water in the Bible don’t seem to lend themselves to such frivolity. Nevertheless, they have significance and purpose. Isaiah prophesied to King Ahaz at the Upper Pool. David’s men gathered at the Pool of Gibeon and displayed their enemy’s corpses at the Pool of Hebron. And Nehemiah, whose task was to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem, gives us the first reference to the Pool of Siloam where Jesus met and healed a disabled man (John 5:2-9).

The Psalmist gives us another take on the importance of pools as a gathering place, this time as a sign of God’s ability to turn events around for His people. The desert is often portrayed in the Bible as a place of desolation and despair. A pool of water or a flowing stream signals God’s presence and provision.

As we celebrate the birth of our nation today, it’s tempting to dwell on the problems that challenge us. But the One who created us is still the Sovereign God who is with us, and more than able to refresh, revive, and lead us to repentance by His living water. Let’s jump in and enjoy!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your provision of water and Your presence in our lives. Help us to be living water to others. In Your name we pray, Amen.

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