Weekly Devotional 021323

My Song, My Fortress, My Refuge

by Teagen Mae Hustead

“But I will sing of Your strength, in the morning I will sing of Your love; for You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” –Psalm 59:16

My journey of faith has not been perfect. Truthfully, it’s been rocky. In the past, I had doubt about God in my life. I felt alone. I had never heard God audibly speak to me nor had I ever been aware of witnessing visible signs of His presence. It’s been hard to accept that there is a plan for me and acknowledge who truly holds my story. But God is preparing me for challenges that are going to happen down the road and so, one Sunday morning all of that changed while I was watching church from home.

I was in the habit of listening to worship music at night when I could not fall asleep. This particular Saturday night I fell asleep listening to music, but I woke up in the middle of the night to “House of the Lord” filling my room and my head. I loved this song so much and right then I prayed that we would sing this song at church because I wanted people to be moved the way I was by the lyrics. The very next morning, while I was watching church, the worship team began to play the song! I was so amazed, and it felt like I was suddenly free of the doubt I had about God. I KNEW my God was right by my side where He had always been, and He always will be.

When I had Covid, it was a major struggle for me. I was reminded over and over that God was walking through it with me, even though I was not in the best place mentally. It was in and through this experience that I finally witnessed clear evidence of His presence in my life. I was finally able to see clearly that God gave me the strength to endure. God showed up when I needed Him and that causes me to worship Him out of a heart of gratitude! He was indeed my refuge—my safe place in this time of great trouble. He was my fortress…my place of protection and I trust this to be very true! I realize God is not just close when I am worshipping Him in song, but He is also very close in my times of trouble.

When I looked at scripture to consider my life verse, I really wanted something that related to my experience of worship because that’s when I feel most connected to God and feel His presence. I truly love worship music because of how powerful the words are and how I automatically feel His presence when I give everything to Him. When I read this verse, I firmly believe and trust in God’s forever and always promise of love, safety, and protection for me. That firm conviction compels me to sing my songs of worship and praise and I am drawn closer to Him as I do. I know that when doubt or challenges come my way, singing songs of worship will bring me into His presence and remind me of His promise to always be there.

Dear God, I pray that through the highs and lows of life I will feel Your presence. I will always turn to You because You are my refuge, You are my fortress in times of trouble, and You are my strength when I feel weak. I pray that Your words will always be a song on my heart, and I can always worship wherever I am. Amen.

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