Weekly Devotional 013122

Thoughts from a Sabbath Day

by Mike Herrnstein

“God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on it He ceased all the work that He had been doing in creation.” –Genesis 2:3

It’s early Friday morning. Gravity presses down on my limbs, leaving my body motionless laying in bed. Any other day of the week a caregiver whom God has touched gets me up, dressed, cleaned up, and placed in my wheelchair for another day. We often talk about God, sharing our experiences with Him. And we talk about the world, wondering what God is doing beneath the surface and the noise.

But today is Friday, my weekly Sabbath day with God. My caregiver will not be coming today per my request. And so, I lay there praying and listening.

My smart phone is on the desk, powered off. Detached from the outside world, God’s world is alive and well in and around me. Outside my window little birds are playing and singing. Sunlight filters in, reflecting from the leaves swaying in a gentle wind. A hummingbird buzzes on the patio while a crow caws from a tree top. An airplane flies overhead and cars rush to their destinations in the distance. God is inside and outside all of this. And it is good. Praying and listening. Hearing… Trust Me. I Am…with you. Set aside Sabbath time each week. I want to take you away from the distractions and fears of this life. Receive My perfect love. Receive Me. You will love what you do and the people you are with all the better. You were created to love and be loved. And it is very good.”

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