Jane’s Blog – New Year, New You, Part 1

The idea of a “Palms Up” year is very appealing, isn’t it? Youth Director Danny Scarbrough’s message on Sunday brought to my mind a related prayer technique I learned years ago, and since “Prayer” is the Holy Habit I want us to embrace this month, I love the intertwining I sense from God’s Spirit regarding prayer and Danny message on love.

The technique is this: First choose a simple scripture to say either silently or aloud. (I suggest a verse from Psalm 23, 46 or 139 or one of your favorites.) Next sit comfortably with your hands, palms down, resting in your lap. Begin saying the scripture as you think about your cares and concerns dropping from your hands into God’s lap. When you feel ready, turn your palms up to receive God’s love, forgiveness, presence, etc. You will be amazed at how the peace of Christ will flood your heart!!

Living with an attitude of receptivity to God (Palms Up) is not the most comfortable position for some of us, is it? It seems to indicate that we can’t take care of ourselves, that we’re needy and not in control – and don’t tell me that most of us – including me! – don’t like to be in control! But I don’t think the “Palms Up” attitude is actually a challenge to that. Living Palms Up is more like a re-aligning of our thinking, an acknowledgement that we aren’t meant to go it alone. We need the Lord; we need each other. It doesn’t mean giving up ALL control (remember, self-control is a fruit of the Spirit), but it means consciously sharing our life, our joys, our hurts and our insecurities, first of all with God, and then with others.

As the new year unfolds, and we make and break those well-intentioned resolutions, don’t allow the “Palms Up” calling to be silenced, okay? Hard as it may be, keep open to God’s voice. He won’t hurt you; his every move is one of Helper, Comforter, Advocate and Good Shepherd. As Danny told us, “God is love…” (1 John 4:16). And he loves YOU very much!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

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