Jane’s Blog – Christ’s Time, Part 3

God knows what he’s doing, you know? I mean, out of all the Jewish girls available, he chose one who could and would ‘ponder’ and ‘treasure’ the things happening to her and her people. It begs a few questions: Was she something of an introvert like me? Was her life any less hectic and hurried than yours? Did she have fewer responsibilities? Less stress? If you’re like me, taking time to think about what life was like two thousand years ago doesn’t occupy much of your time!! I’m busy doing my own thing – fighting traffic, buying too many gifts, writing too few blogs, babysitting the grandbabies (not enough), trying to get to see “Star Wars” (please get those tickets, Steve!) …so much stuff to do!!!

A couple of women I work with paid me the highest compliment after hearing Pastor Sean’s message on Sunday. They said his words about one who “is still before the Lord” reminded them of ME. Is that amazing, or what???? I guess I’ve got my tranquility mask firmly in place –at least sometimes! But seriously, being the kind of woman who ‘ponders’ and ‘treasures’ is who I really, really want to be! Don’t you?

But here’s the thing: So many times we think we have to have a huge block of time if we’re to hear from God. The narrative in our heads goes something like the three points Pastor Sean made about getting still: We have to get still physically, emotionally, and spiritually so we can ponder the depths of God’s love. And that’s good advice, for sure. But I want to also suggest that the next time you see a child, whether you’re shopping, watching one of the classic Christmas movies, here at PLC, or having some kind of family time, that you gaze an extra minute at that child’s sweet face – and remember that you’re seeing the image of God. He is with us, always, and never more-so than in the faces of children. I think just that – gazing into the precious face of her son Jesus – fueled Mary’s life of contemplation. And helped her stop in the midst of all her busyness to be with him a while.

So, give kid-gazing a try this holiday season, okay? And let me know how it goes! Merry Christmas!!

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