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The story of Joseph, thanks to Broadway, is one of the best known stories in the Bible! And it certainly is a good one to remind us that even though ‘stuff’ happens in the Lower Story, God is still in charge. But my thoughts are turning in a slightly different direction today.

Joseph is called ‘that dreamer’ by his brothers, and it doesn’t take much imagination to hear their tone of voice when they say it, does it? When they spot Joseph in the distance, the plan to kill him is immediate. Jealousy and hatred for their brother isn’t just beginning. There’s been seventeen years of cultivating it. (Which begs the question for us…are we holding on to jealousy toward anyone?)

I’ve heard some people speculate that Joseph was a brat. He may have been. We don’t know. What we do know is that he was Jacob’s favorite – and had the coat to prove it. We also know he had dreams – God-given prophetic dreams about grain and stars. The kind of dreams you can’t forget. Ever met anyone like that?

The prophet Joel was quoted by the Apostle Peter at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out and people began to speak in tongues. He said, “In the last days…Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” (Joel 2:28) While the idea may seem too fanatical for some of us, I think people like Joseph would be right at home in that environment.

I don’t think that people who dream prophetic dreams necessarily have a choice about it, you know? It just happens (as it does today), because God has a message of importance to share. I wonder if Joseph hung on to those dreams God had given him during all those years he spent in Egypt. Until they came to pass and his brothers finally bowed down to him. I know I would have.

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  1. Ron Lohrbach October 5, 2013 at 11:40 am #


    Comment by Ron: These are condensed from some that Mary Lohrbach was able to share with others and others with her this week. These are on chapter 3 of ‘The Story’.

    Now to the story. I express my gratitude to Miss L for remembering that Joseph actually DID testify to Pharaoh about Joseph NOT interpreting the dreams, but just as Daniel did … giving credit to God. And, Ms S … thanks for mentioning that his character and life were testimonies also: character with integrity.

    Miss L : thanks for the Max Lucado quote on weaving: “Satan weaves for evil and God for good, thus invite God to the loom.” (I realize this is not verbatim from Lucado, but it is a “hook” for me to remember it, (I am a former weaver.)

    Ms R: I appreciate your comment about our wearing the “multi-colored coat” when we go out into the world, especially where there are those less affluent than we are … and thus, we (I) need to be alert as to how I “represent” myself to others in my attitude with them.

    Then … other comments that came to me during the study before this Tuesday morning …

    1). I was curious about the age of Pharaoh because of his delegating so much responsibility to Joseph. So I looked on internet for some information about Joseph and Pharaoh (those are the three words I used). I have included that in the email to which this is attached.

    2). I realized to my surprise that Jacob/Israel was buried with Abraham/Sarah and Isaac/Rebekah and Leah … NOT with Rachel. Rachel died in childbirth with Benjamin and was buried on the way to Bethlehem (to Ephrath). That was new information to me.

    3). And, another realization and perspective on Jacob’s sons with Leah: the brothers Joseph went to see on behalf of Jacob wanted to kill Joseph when they were initially plotting; Reuben wanted to come back and rescue Joseph from the pit (but he had been sold); Judah convinced the brothers to sell him to the traders; and Simeon is the brother that Joseph held captive in Egypt while the others returned to Jacob for Benjamin. These three brothers are the older sons of Leah. …

    So : Joseph was instrumental in keeping the remnant alive and Moses came from that ‘saved’ group. BUT it was through the line of Judah that Jesus was born. … Joseph was important for saving the Hebrews way back in time, but it was through the family line of Judah that our Savior is born.

    WOW !!!

    The Story continues !!! …