Jane’s Blog – The Story, Chapter 13

My friend Dave Sitler, who is an orthopedic surgeon, told a group of us on Sunday about one of the practices he uses to follow a broken bone he has set in a cast. Since his story fit right in with the frog story Pastor Sean told us, I thought it worth thinking about a little more. So here is what Dave told us: After he has set the broken bone, Dave follows up with X-rays to make sure the bone is staying straight. But here’s the part I especially thought relevant – he always starts his examination by referring back to the original X-ray. Otherwise, he says, the bone could be drifting without his being aware.

Dave’s professional diligence reminded me of how easily “the drift” can occur in our lives, much like it did in Solomon’s. (1 Kings 11:1-6)  This is especially true if we’re not staying in the Word, listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and walking in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God’s original plan for us to live in fellowship with him resulted in brokenness when Adam and Eve sinned, didn’t it? No matter how hard we try, we have to admit sooner or later that we are broken. And even after we confess our faith in Jesus and try to be more like Him, we drift. Sin crouches at the door, and before you know if, we’ve gone for a walk with it!

In hearing Dr. Dave’s practice of always referring to the original X-ray, I can see not only a sound medical practice, but God’s role as the Great Physician. He created the original design, and he knows all about how it can become fractured. He also knows the way to “set the bone.” On the cross Jesus paid the price to heal what can otherwise never be whole again.  And that’s the best reason I can think of to make regular visits to see the Doctor!!

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