Jane’s Blog – The Story, Chapter 12

Okay, to be honest, I’m having a bit of a tough time getting back into the rhythm of The Story. The holiday season, wonderful as it is, has gotten me off track. My mind’s still on Jesus’ birth, not David’s sin. And hanging up that new calendar a few days ago reminded me that it’s time to think ahead, make some goals, and do some things differently. Ugh!

So, here’s my strategy to get back on track with my reading and thinking in 2014:

Number 1 – Re-read Chapter 12 in The Story. It’s painful, but necessary. David’s story is not to be missed! And not to be glossed over. It’s a warning about the power of lust and the delusional nature of sin. I mean, come on! Adultery AND murder! What was he thinking????? Clearly he was under some strong fleshly and/or demonic influences!

Number 2 – Meditate on the line (page 163), “…David didn’t make excuses for his sin.” Yes, he did get that part right. And it makes me wonder if David fell to his knees when he realized he had sinned, not just against Bathsheba, Uriah, and all the people of the nation he was leading, but that he had sinned against the Lord. I think a full-out, face-down on the ground kind of posture would be in order, don’t you?

Number 3 – Stop! Wait! What’s that? Allow the Holy Spirit to say that again? …that thing about how judgmental I’ve just been toward David when I’ve done plenty of stuff that I wouldn’t care for anyone to see in writing?? Oooooh. Ouch! I need a band-aid.  A big one.

Number 4 – Read through Psalm 51 again and again, inserting MY name. Where are the tissues?

Okay, I think I’m back. (Sigh)

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