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Jane’s Blog – Christ’s Time

This week Pastor Sean invited us to anticipate, and he taught us about “Kairos” – a Greek word for “time.” Kairos, he said, is a time when God breaks into chronological time with a special message just for us. And he challenged us to “expect Jesus to ‘break into’ your life now.” But there’s a […]

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Jane’s Blog – Advent Week 4

As I listened to Pastor Rob’s message this past Sunday, one word captured my thinking:  Intervention. On my bulletin, where I scribble my notes, I put several boxes around the word. That’s a pretty good indication – I know from past experience – that the Holy Spirit has something he wants to say to me […]

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Jane’s Blog – Advent Week 3

How about that choir music at PLC this past Sunday??? Beautiful!! I had a slight advantage going into the service in that my husband brought the music rehearsal CD home a few weeks ago so he could learn his flute part. By far my favorite lyrics were, “Let us be joy to the world! Let […]

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Jane’s Blog – Advent, Week 2

On Sunday Pastor Greg asked the question, “Has trash taken residence in our souls?” I’ve been thinking about that since then in conjunction with this week’s Advent theme of “Repent.” I don’t know about you, but in my house trash has a way of getting out of control. Almost everything I use comes with a […]

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Jane’s Blog – Advent, Week 1

Have you heard the saying: “Forewarned is Forearmed”? According to a quick internet search the expression dates from the end of the 16th Century, and forearm is an archaic verb meaning “to arm in advance.”  I was reminded of it on Sunday when Pastor Greg spoke on Jesus’ words of warning about his second coming […]

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