Alpha Story: Jen P.

I was led back to Peñasquitos Lutheran Church (PLC) several years after our family was a part of the preschool community there. I had some questions about religion and what church was best for our family. PLC & Peñasquitos Christian Preschool (PCP) have always been so supportive and welcoming to us. I started attending weekly services regularly and found them spiritually fulfilling. Shortly after I began attending the services, I was invited to the Alpha Course and decided to participate. It seemed like a great opportunity to grow in my faith and also get to learn more about the PLC community.

Each week I looked forward to Pastor Sean’s talks and presentations. It was a time specifically set aside to stop and reflect on various faith-centered topics. PLC was very generous in providing an Alpha Guide and resources for the course, as well as free dinner and childcare each week to all who participated. I enjoyed meeting new people, building relationships, and having meaningful discussions during our small group time together each week.

For me, the Alpha Day Away was the most powerful time in my Alpha journey. The topic for the day was the Holy Spirit (God’s “real-time” presence). This was close to my heart because my little daughter had passed away four years earlier and I have experienced God’s real-time presence in many amazing ways since then. God truly gave me the strength I needed (and still need), through His Spirit, to move through this unimaginable tragedy and loss. God’s presence was very obvious to me at the Alpha Day Away, especially with a “coincidence” that occurred when Pastor Sean shared a story about a friend from a prior congregation. I immediately felt that the message he shared was for me, and shortly afterwards I received confirmation to know for sure. I am always so amazed at how God works in my life as he did on this day.

The Alpha Day Away turned out to be a time of spiritual growth and continued healing for me. I enjoyed learning about the Holy Spirit and the related scripture, as well as the topic of Spiritual Gifts. The peaceful atmosphere and prayer time was rejuvenating and good for the soul!

I felt the Alpha Course was the start of a new chapter in my life set out to help me grow deeper in my Christian Faith. It inspired me to learn more about the Bible and my spiritual gifts. I’m grateful to PLC for all the courses they offer to the community to help give us the knowledge and support we need to live our best Christian life!

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