Alpha Story: Bob Gaudi

Upon joining PLC, Pastor Sean asked my family to take the Alpha Course as a means of edifying our understanding of Christianity and strengthening our faith. I went into Alpha with an open mind and eager to discover what Sean was so excited about. Alpha led me down a road of fundamental information regarding Christianity. Most of all, Alpha sparked an interest in my heart and mind. I began to wonder what I was missing and how much more there was to learn.

During a session on the Bible, Sean shared with us about a friend who spends “coffee time with Jesus”, a time in the early morning hours when he reads the Bible, lets Jesus speak to him and prays. As a morning person this idea intrigued me, and I reasoned that if he could do it, so could I. Thus, I began reading the Bible the first thing each day. At some point, (I really do not know when), my experiment became a cherished time for me and a new and exciting journey listening to and speaking with the Lord and pondering His words. A previous test became a blissful experience that I could not do without. I discovered a new joy I had not previously known and that I fed on. I grew to love reading the Bible and do not go a day without beginning with “coffee time with Jesus”. I find new pearls of wisdom and faith-building accounts every day.

What has Alpha done for me? My Alpha experience literally changed my life. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds and I have become a new person. I am beginning to understand what it really means to be a Christian and truly accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. While I am still and always will be a sinner, I KNOW that I am forgiven and I am working to let God’s love for me shine in and through me so that others may know what God can do. I want to be a beacon of faith pointing others to the Lord. I started small and dove deep and I am paying attention to what God is saying. Alpha opened my door to reading the Bible regularly and it has led to a life-changing and faith-building experience. Faith is a journey and I am on my way. I am at peace and it is a wonderful place to be.

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