Alpha Stories 082823

By Amanda Shaw

I am no stranger to faith, but I am currently navigating my way back to it and actively seeking answers to life’s most challenging questions. Recently, I joined PLC, and this decision has proven to be a transformative and enriching chapter in my life. Through this journey, I was introduced to the Alpha program. While I was uncertain about what to anticipate, I remained receptive to the experience it might offer.

The initial night of the Alpha program marked the beginning of an incredibly remarkable journey, and the subsequent ten sessions continued to be equally exceptional. The shared dinner and conversations allowed me to connect with others who were on a similar path to mine. The videos presented during the program were both enlightening and captivating, introducing me to content that was previously unfamiliar to me. This new knowledge was both educational and deeply inspirational. Alpha allowed me to intimately explore and define what faith signifies to me. During this time, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in ways that were previously only conveyed through stories and accounts of others. Alpha has had a profound impact on my faith journey, creating a deep connection not only with an exceptional community of individuals but also, most importantly, with Jesus himself.

Without a doubt, Alpha has set me on a profound trajectory of faith alongside an incredible group of people. Prior to encountering Alpha, my relationship with Jesus seemed distant, much like he was behind an insurmountable barrier. However, my experience with Alpha has illuminated the fact that he has always been by my side. All that was required was for me to open the door, a door that I had mistakenly perceived as locked. The power of Alpha, to me, lies in its ability to guide each individual towards their own personal route to faith in Jesus Christ. It is an undeniable blessing that empowers individuals to make this discovery in a deeply personal and meaningful manner.

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