092721 Weekly Devotional

Food, Glorious Food

Taste and see that the Lord is good.” –Psalm 34:8a

When Sunday Adult classes and Wednesday Bible studies got under way a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to ask participants to share one of their favorite foods. The answers varied; from ice cream to meatloaf, blueberry muffins to soft-shell crabs. And of course, cookies and brownies were mentioned frequently. But what I found especially fun was the how and why of each person’s selection. Sometimes it involved a childhood memory, a special part of the country, or a family tradition. Other times, it was simply the delicious taste.

Did you know that food is mentioned over 1200 times in the Bible? The list includes bread, honey, garlic, leeks, figs, flour, cheese, fish, wine, and more. Thinking about it makes me wonder what Jesus and the disciples would list as their favorite food. Olives? Cucumbers? Did they ever get bored with their diet, as we sometimes do? How many different ways did they find to prepare fish?

Thinking about food inevitably reminds me how special it is to sit down to a meal with family and friends. During the pandemic many of us have been forced to stay home, to slow down, to give up or modify the active life to which we were accustomed. As the days and months have worn on, we’ve yearned to go—and to feel safe from COVID in doing so—to restaurants, backyard barbeques, and special celebrations again. I hope that list for you includes going back to church one of these days soon! We miss you! But until that time comes, please keep connected as best you can. And by the way, I’d love to hear about your favorite food sometime!

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