Jane’s Blog – The Witness of…Good Stewardship

Do you find yourself needing a “one-eighty” to see your resources as not really being yours? Are you sensing the need for a makeover of the heart in order to see yourself as a manager, not the owner, of all you have? I know the message Pastor Sean preached on Sunday is certainly contrary to what we’ve mostly been taught or indoctrinated to think in our world today. Remember your first job right out of college and the paycheck that went with it? Nobody was telling you how to spend that thing, right? It was your ticket to freedom!

Well, maybe that’s stretching it if you came out of college with a huge wad of school loans, as so many do today. But having some cash to throw around can be a pretty heady deal. There are all kinds of pleasures it can buy, and all kinds of trouble, of course!

But maybe you had parents who taught you the “share, save, spend” motto right out of the gate. I was certainly quick to nab a few of those special piggybanks for my grandchildren when they were offered to me. Not that my children have too much trouble following budgets. When it comes to money, both my daughter and son are far smarter with their money than my husband and I have ever been! Go figure!

But I think what it boils down to is something my kids caught from us about our resources that wasn’t intentionally taught. As long-time followers of Jesus we’ve learned and lived how to hold what we have loosely. It’s been a process, but we’ve experienced how much more rewarding it is to value people over things; to gather friends instead of houses full of stuff; to see fellowship with our church community as far more rewarding than a table for two in the finest restaurant or box seats at the ballpark (although, don’t get me wrong, that kind of date is important, too!) And sure, the next cool toy is out there. But so is the next good time. Just think of the Alpha Course or a Loft Home Build.

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matt. 6:21) And to my way of thinking everyone benefits when both those things are found in the same place – working to advance the kingdom of God.




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