Jane’s Blog – The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness

I’m putting all three of these attributes (fruits) into one big basket since last week was incredibly busy hosting the ARC Gathering at PLC. We had a ton of opportunities to show “kindness” and “goodness” to our guests, and they reciprocated with their sincere compliments and expressions of appreciation. Over and over again I heard people say how ‘above and beyond’ our volunteers went to serve them. I personally witnessed it many times, and thought to myself how blessed I am to be a part of this church!

“Faithfulness” expressed itself in a slightly different way during the Gathering, but as a powerful presence, none-the-less. Concerning this fruit of the Spirit, I think Pastor Sean put into words on Sunday what I saw each day at the Gathering:  “Our faithfulness to others is in relation to our faith in God,” he said, adding, “We are faithful when we are committed.” Those who attended the ARC Gathering – pastors, lay leaders, youth, volunteers, and even our youngest attenders – expressed their sold-out and committed hearts for Christ, and it showed!

But Pastor Sean also talked on Sunday about God’s faithfulness to us. And I would need more than a few paragraphs to describe how I experienced it – before, during and after the Gathering event. But suffice it to say that God was fully present, pouring out His favor so that every need we had to meet our call as the hosting church was met by someone – or often, a whole team of folks. Many stayed late and got up early. Many more baked cookies and sweet breads. Everyone worked hard and worked together. Faithfulness showed on every volunteer’s face and in their every action. We can never out-give our always-giving God, can we? His faithfulness reaches to the skies (Ps. 108:4). But we can walk the walk…and we did at the ARC Gathering this year! My sincere thanks to all of you!

And now for a little Sabbath rest…

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