Jane’s Blog – The Witness of…Covenant Promises

I saw two movies this last weekend. The first was a screener version of “The Song,” opening at Edwards Theater in Mira Mesa this weekend on Sept. 26. Please, PLEASE go see it. It is the picture version of exactly what Pastor Greg was telling us this past Sunday about covenant promises between us and God and husbands and wives. The acting is first-rate and the music is terrific! But it’s the message in the movie that is so incredibly important – especially in light of the other movie I saw this weekend – “This Is Where I Leave You.”

I have to confess that “This Is Where I Leave You” was a good movie for me to see. I laughed, I groaned. I ate popcorn, always delicious in a dark movie theater, you know? I wish you could see the movie, too, but ONLY if we get to talk about it afterwards! My short version synopsis (since we probably won’t get to talk about it) is this:  a slice of time in a dysfunctional family that probably represents way too many dysfunctional families today, and we may laugh, but who – really – thinks it’s funny?

One reviewer of the movie (Aria Ligi) said this about “Leave You”:  “There are moments of hilarity within the film…yet, these are short-lived…None of the characters are written as if they were living breathing people with lives, and backgrounds, beyond the moment depicted in the film…It is as if the very intimacy that the writers are trying to delve into is so scary even to them, that they can get only so close till the intensity is too much, and they back away.”

Since you haven’t seen “The Song” yet, I won’t spoil it for you. But let me just say:  This movie doesn’t back away! There’s plenty of dysfunction, and yet it doesn’t leave us without hope. It offers a stirring reminder that our God has made covenant promises with us, not the least of which is, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Heb. 13:5). Don’t miss how these words reflect the exact opposite sentiment of the “Leave You” title, you know?  There is always hope, no matter how twisted and broken the relationship – if we will turn to the Lord.

So, my friends,  go to the movies!! They are shouting volumes about things we need to hear and know about what’s going on in the heads of people today. But most of all, they are reminding us that there’s an Upper Story that’s still being written, and we are part of the cast. How we live out our covenant promises matters. We are His witnesses!

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