Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

October 2021 Update | Finn Proctor | Ensenada, Mexico

The trip so far has been an absolute whirlwind. The ride down and the first day on base was a blast of getting to meet so many new people and experiencing such a rich, diverse, and new culture right away. The fellowship, prayer, and worship have definitely been some of the highlights for me so far.

The second night, we had an incredibly powerful time of worship through music. The band was marvelous and the Holy Spirit was present and lighting all of our hearts on fire for Jesus. I encountered the Spirit in such a tangible way. I was listening to and singing along with the melodies and chords and then one of the leaders named Dave came up to pray for me. He prayed exactly what I needed to hear right in that moment, and my soul (and my eyes) cried out in praise to the Lord.

Unfortunately, I accidentally drank a tiny bit of bad water from the sink, and that gave me a horrible stomach bug. I spent the first weekend throwing up my guts. 🙁 This was clearly a spiritual attack from the enemy; he was jealous of me receiving so much power from the Spirit and wanted to take control. However, the illness quickly passed and the devil had no foothold in my life at this time. Praise Jesus!

I’m so grateful for all the ways in which God has already moved in and around me, and I’m so excited to see all the ways He will continue to do so! Praise be to Him forever!!!

God bless,