Life Connections Small Groups

Click here to view small groups to join. 

Let’s get together!

The purpose of small groups at PLC is simply to bring people together. God intended for us to live in relationship with him and with each other. The small group provides an opportunity to connect with others and do life together. While participating in small groups, you’ll experience authentic Christian community. You’ll learn together, have fun together, face challenges together, heal together and experience spiritual growth together.

Why are small groups important?

Small groups help us to live life together in Christ-centered, relationships-based fellowship. Participating in a small group encourages spiritual growth and authentic life-giving relationships with one another so we can live out our mission to connect people to Jesus and to one another.

How do I get involved?

Click here to see what groups are available to join. Select a couple of groups that you might be interested in and contact the host to answer any questions you may have. You may want to try a couple of groups before you find the best fit for you!

Still have questions?

Call the church office at 858.672.3466.