Fall 2020 Prayer Vigil

United, Listening to Jesus

We all know that these are unprecedented times, but as followers of Christ we are called to follow Him into the challenge; not run from it or cower in fear. These are days for us as a congregation to unite in prayer, asking God to bring an outpouring of His Spirit in our day. The Fall Prayer Vigil is a 24-hour opportunity to join together in prayer, interceding for our families, schools, businesses, communities, nation, and world.

Who:  Anyone who desires to pray and see God move in our world.

What:  Participants can sign up for a 30-minute slot to pray. Prayer resources are provided.

Where/When:  From 8:00 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 16 to 8:00 pm on Thursday, Sept. 17

How to Connect:  Register here and download the Prayer Vigil Guide.