Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)–Chelsea Morell

Chelsea Morell just returned from Japan in late July 2018. She has been part of Campus Crusade for Christ since 2010 and PLC has partnered with her since that time. Chelsea reports that there is a tremendous competition for the hearts and minds of students in the world. There is much pressure to succeed that leads to anxiety and suicide. Most students are apathetic to God as Japan is less than 1/2 percent Christian. Chelsea did great work with students in Japan leading Bible studies, training summer short-term interns and sharing the Gospel. Many students’ lives were changed.

Chelsea’s new role in CRU has her working out of the office in Irvine, CA. Chelsea oversees all short-term mission trips that are 1-8 weeks in length. Chelsea’s team’s role within the campus ministry of CRU is to help local chapters grow to send 10% of involved students and faculty around the world.  In February 2019, Chelsea trained about 200 staff, volunteers and students who are leading international summer missions in coaching students regarding fund-raising and navigating adulthood.

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