Small Groups

In a large and growing congregation, it’s easy to lose a sense of connection with one another. PLC’s small groups offer the opportunity to find support and friendship and a new avenue for gaining knowledge about the Bible.

These include:

  • Home groups
  • Church Bible studies
  • Site-specific (restaurant) groups
  • Ministry groups

Small groups offer:  people who care, consistent Bible study, friendship, accountability, prayer support, outreach opportunities and empowerment.

No matter your need, age, gender, or level of spiritual maturity, PLC has (or will be forming) a small group where you can feel connected.

Isn’t church enough?

Just as one meal a week isn’t enough to sustain our bodies, one hour a week of spiritual food will leave us malnourished. Small groups inspire us to have a more intimate relationship with God.

How can I get connected?

Please contact the church office, or e-mail Director of Adult Discipleship, Jane Josephs.