PLC Community Movie Night Outreach

Walter is a member of Peñasquitos Lutheran Church and is the originator of Community Movie Night that has been in existence since 2015. In 2017, well over 2,000 people attended the PLC Movie Night events. The PLC Community Movie Night is a unique open door mission aimed at inviting and welcoming a diverse range of local, community families, many of them low income, onto the PLC campus for regular fellowship. Popular family-friendly movies and snacks are the draw, representing an “evening out” some might not be able to afford. Members and regular attendees of PLC also participate, which fosters relationships and encourages newcomers to feel more comfortable to come to worship services on Sunday mornings. Thus, Movie Night connects people, strengthens families, builds volunteers and demonstrates the love of God.

Walt started Movie Night after hearing Pastor Sean talk about reaching out into the community. One success story involves a woman who has lived close to the church for 25 years and had never been to PLC. Her grandkids asked if they could go to a free movie at PLC and that got them into our church for the first time. Before the movie, on-screen advertisements feature Alpha and different ministries that people who are here for the first time can join. Walt believes that relationships are the way to help people get involved with the church. He also believes that consistency and being there for families is the key to changing behavior and winning them to our faith community.