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Honduras Mission

Ways to Help the Honduras Mission by Shawn Plowman

There are three ways to help the Honduras Mission Team prepare for their next mission trip:

  1. Pray for the health of the missionaries, that they get all the supplies and monetary donations they need, for the doctors, nurses and patients in the hospital and for the people living in the village
  2. Give by purchasing supplies for the hospital and the village. Monetary donations are also appreciated.
  3. Serve, decide to go to Honduras to serve and love the people! There is something for everyone to do.

I deeply appreciate all of you who have supported this ministry! Go in peace! And serve the Lord! E-mail Shawn Plowman for more information.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission to reach isolated people, bringing lifesaving help in Christ’s name to some of the most inhospitable places on earth.

World Mission Prayer League

Pray regularly that the Lord will call and mobilize his people to reach all the world with the good news of salvation. In addition, more than 130 Prayer League volunteers currently serve on five continents.

Radius International

Remember Bill and Donna Davis with New Tribes Mission? They were the amazing couple who facilitated having the New Testament translated into the Palawan language that was completed and distributed to the island people last fall. We asked for your prayers as they embarked on their next mission and those prayers were answered. Bill is now involved with Radius International. Radius is a 10-month course that equips cross-cultural workers to plant churches among unreached people groups and Bill is teaching two courses in that program in Tijuana. The students are very committed and live in Tijuana for the 10-month session. Some of Bill’s students will be headed to Asia and Africa after the course is completed. Please continue to keep Bill and Donna in your prayers.

Wycliffe Bible Translators

An international association whose role is to provide links for churches to help build the Church around the world and give people access to the words of life. They have helped to complete over 500 translations, making God’s Word available to more than 35 million people.

United Evangelical Mission International

Currently we participate in this India-based mission through 46 PLC families sponsoring orphans, 4 families sponsoring women in Talitha Cumi home and the sponsorship of CTC training for local leaders. Through PLC, thousands of dollars have been given to help build the Christian orphanage/school in Bangalore.


The Honduras Ministry focuses on two groups of children in San Pedro Sula, Honduras: 1) We work with the children at Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital, the largest public hospital in Honduras. The sickest children in the country are treated there. We support the hospital by supplying snacks twice daily, doing facility repairs, collecting medicines and medical supplies, making beanie and blankets, and teaching the parents and children about Jesus. Vacation Bible School is taught in a small school room inside the hospital to children who are well enough to get out of bed. Bedside VBS is also offered for those who are room-bound.


We have also started teaching VBS to children in an AIDS out-patient clinic. 2) We work with children who live in a cardboard village in the center town. We run medical brigades at each mission and are always looking for medical and dental professionals to help. We are installing water filters and treating the kids for parasites. In the nearby village of Nueva Florida we will build a church, start beekeeping, and teach the people how to build brick ovens and make bread. Also, during some mission trips professionals can come to Honduras and teach at local universities. This provides an opportunity to evangelize to college students, the next leaders of Honduras. For further information, please contact Shawn Plowman.

Beirut, Lebanon


(Note: this missionary’s identity must be kept private in the interest of security.) I live in Beirut, Lebanon and I minister to university students from a wide array of backgrounds. Because the university population consists of students from every sectarian and religious background, we spend time with Sunni and Shia Muslims, Druze, and different Christian backgrounds. These students range from secular to devout. In addition to Lebanese students, quite a few of our close friends are from other Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and North Africa.

We focus on bringing together students from these different backgrounds who have given their lives to Jesus. We seek to live life together, acting as family, praying, discipling, and learning what it means to love the city of Beirut well. This often takes us to service projects in the slums and at an orphanage.

Along the way, we talk about Jesus to all of our friends and end up reading the Bible with interested students. We seek to be the aroma of Christ and expose them to Jesus-centered fellowship. Ultimately, we hope to see a church planted in the university neighborhoods that will be a shelter for our friends, regardless of their religious or family background.

I study Arabic and take courses at the American University in Beirut as a means of meeting more people, learning the heart language of the Arabs, and understanding the student population more. As God allows, we travel to surrounding countries to encourage our brothers and sisters we know and to visit the families of our friends who study in Beirut.