Fun for the Entire Family at PLC

Saturday, January 19 | 4:00 – 6:30 pm | Fellowship Hall

One of the ways we grow in our faith is through fellowshipping with other believers; gathering together to share a meal, share some fun and share our lives! Just4Fun events give us time and space to do just that! This ministry is for families in every stage of life…singles, young marrieds, families with babies to teens, empty-nesters and grandparents, too! The events are casual and fun with no agenda or purpose other than to connect and make friends.

This ministry is the brainstorm of some of the younger families in our congregation who already connect over kids…but their hope is to connect with different generations and make more friends! If you would like more information you can connect with Roseanna Andersen or Suzanne Treebs. Register HERE today!