Handy Men Ministry

plc-handy-men-logoPLC’s Handy Men Ministry is an opportunity for PLC men to be involved in doing helpful things for other PLC members with modest needs. This hands-on help could be particularly useful for seniors, but would in no way be limited to senior PLC members. More than a dozen PLC men have already volunteered to participate in this ministry!

What kinds of needs are we talking about? Below are a few examples to give you some ideas, but please don’t consider this a menu or exclusive list…our volunteers are clever and handy guys, so tell us your need and we’ll see what we can do!

  • Minor home repairs (door that won’t close or latch, faucet drips, etc.)
  • Furniture moving, washing high windows or doors, small painting projects, etc.
  • Yard clean-up and maintenance projects
  • Transportation to doctor, hairdresser, and other appointments
  • Tutoring a student
  • “Clerical” assistance (organizing bills, bill payment, checkbook balancing, etc.)

If you have specific needs or any questions regarding the Handy Men ministry, please contact the church office at 858-672-3466.