Family Grace Group


Meets Wednesdays starting Aug 23, 2017

from 6:30-8:00 pm

Watching a loved one struggle with mental health challenges is painfully difficult.

Family Grace Group is an understanding community providing real encouragement and support. This curriculum-guided group is filled with insightful education, tools to understand and support your loved one, personal care, and help you experience a renewal of faith.

Topics include:  Building Your Faith, Stigma, Communication, Medication, Grieving & Grace, Being Holistic, You’re Not the Hero (self-care), Cycles & Triggers, Community, Crisis & Problem Solving, Negative & Destructive Behaviors, Boundaries to Rebuild, Enabling vs. Empowering, and Staying Ahead of the Game (prevention planning).

  • Cost:  $15/person (workbook).
  • This class does not meet for dinner.
  • Click here to register for the course. Newcomers are welcome anytime!
  • Fall 2017 meetings will run from August 23 – November 15, 2017.

Free childcare for children ages 1–12 is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis with registration.

For more information about Family Grace Group at PLC, contact Pastor Greg Hoffmann.

Additional Resources

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