An Alpha Story: Tim Rogers

My family and I have attended PLC for several years and we were looking for opportunities to get more involved in the church. Pastor Sean recommended Alpha as a great way to connect with people and deepen our faith. I had no idea I was about to embark on a transformational spiritual journey. Attending Alpha […]

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An Alpha Story: Erin Garriepy

My husband and I had heard great things about Alpha – both in our relationships with God and in relationships with other members of the church. We really wanted to experience them for ourselves. When I started Alpha, I viewed questions as a bad thing. I viewed it as a “weakness” in my faith. This course really opened […]

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An Alpha Story: Katie Burns

I have taken the Alpha Course twice. Once about five years ago when I was searching for a way to rebuild my relationship with God and again this past Spring. The first time I attended Alpha, each and every session was new information that I pondered, questioned, and discussed with my group members. It helped […]

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Alpha Story: Bob Gaudi

Upon joining PLC, Pastor Sean asked my family to take the Alpha Course as a means of edifying our understanding of Christianity and strengthening our faith. I went into Alpha with an open mind and eager to discover what Sean was so excited about. Alpha led me down a road of fundamental information regarding Christianity. […]

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Alpha Story: Amanda Voigt

Hans and I grew up in the church… we were baptized, went through confirmation and were married in the church. We were both active as youth, but as we got older, we grew away. We still went to church, but did we really KNOW Jesus? Maybe. But now that we’ve gone through the Alpha Course, […]

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Alpha Story: Jen P.

I was led back to Peñasquitos Lutheran Church (PLC) several years after our family was a part of the preschool community there. I had some questions about religion and what church was best for our family. PLC & Peñasquitos Christian Preschool (PCP) have always been so supportive and welcoming to us. I started attending weekly services regularly and found […]

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Alpha Story: Dana Kloo

Eight years ago, I was a different person. I was a broken woman in non-stop pain from chronic daily migraine. My sensitivity to light and sound made life excruciating and I was in my bed in the dark as much as possible. My heartbeat hurt my head, teeth, and jaw so badly that it made […]

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Alpha Story: Ralph & Whitney Corey

Ralph’s perspective: As a Navy family who moves often, we try to acclimate quickly. We wanted to connect with more people at PLC and not head straight to our car following worship. That was the catalyst for my wife, Whitney, and I to do the Alpha Course. I began Alpha hoping to develop relationships with […]

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Alpha Story: Brenda Henry

My Alpha story began last year, with a diagnosis of breast cancer. I had surgery that removed all of the cancer and began chemotherapy treatments. The treatments took a toll on my body and emotions. I began the radiation treatments and after finishing the last one I was just beginning to feel good. Then, being […]

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