Alpha Stories

Real lives. Real experiences.

Attending the Alpha Course at PLC has been changing lives since we first began running it in the spring of 2008. Alpha is much more than a teaching tool. It is a culture of invitation that relates directly to our mission as a congregation, to connect people to Jesus and to one another. It is an invitation to developing relationships. It is an invitation to join a family that goes beyond this generation and into eternity.

We have for you here, a mere handful of the personal stories from PLC, authored by the people who experienced them. May you be encouraged and inspired by them. And may God bless you with many opportunities to share your faith and invite a friend to Alpha.

Dana Kloo, Alpha Administrator

My family and I have attended PLC for several years and we were looking for opportunities to get more involved in the church. Pastor Sean recommended Alpha as a great way to connect with people and deepen our faith. I had no idea I was about to embark on a transformational spiritual journey. Read more of Tim’s Story.


My husband and I had heard great things about Alpha – both in our relationships with God and in relationships with other members of the church. We really wanted to experience them for ourselves. When I started Alpha, I viewed questions as a bad thing. I viewed it as a “weakness” in my faith. This course really opened my eyes… Read more of Erin’s story.


I have taken the Alpha Course twice. Once about five years ago when I was searching for a way to rebuild my relationship with God and again this past Spring. The first time I attended Alpha, each and every session was new information that I pondered, questioned, and discussed with my group members. Read more of Katie’s story.


Alyson had only started attending PLC when she was asked by Dana to consider taking The Alpha Course. Even though Alyson grew up Lutheran, she decided to attend The Alpha Course with her husband so that they could get more connected with others from church. What she found was the realization of needing a personal relationship with Jesus. Watch Alyson’s story.


Religion was never a part of my life growing up. I spent nearly half of my life in China, where religion is tightly restricted. There was no talk of faith. I learned to never mention God. God was nonexistent; faith, against reason, against scientific advancement; church, forbidden ground. Read more of Linda’s story.


My Alpha story began last year with a diagnosis of breast cancer. I had surgery that removed all the cancer and began chemotherapy treatments. These treatments took a toll on my body and emotions. Then I began radiation treatments. After finishing the last one I was just beginning to feel good. Read more of Brenda’s story.


Eight years ago, I was a different person. I was a broken woman in non-stop pain from chronic daily migraine. My sensitivity to light and sound made life excruciating and I was in my bed in the dark as much as possible. …I was bound up in a world of pain and depression. Read more of Dana’s story.


I’m in the Navy and we moved to San Diego in the fall of 2016.  As a family who moves every couple of years we try to acclimate quickly each time. We spent several months looking for a church home and PLC’s pastoral team kept drawing us back with their message each week. Read more of Ralph’s story


Upon joining PLC, Pastor Sean asked my family to take the Alpha Course as a means of edifying our understanding of Christianity and strengthening our faith. …Alpha sparked an interest in my heart and mind. I began to wonder what I was missing and how much more there was to learn. Read more of Bob’s story.


I was led back to PLC several years after our family was a part of the preschool community there. I was raised Catholic and have had some questions about religion and what church was best for our family. Read more of Jen’s story.


Hans and I grew up in the church… we were baptized, went through confirmation and were married in the church. We were both pretty active as youth, but as we got older, we grew away. We still went to church, but did we really KNOW Jesus? Read more of Amanda’s story.