Faithful | Pastor Sean Kelly | June 8, 2016

On Saturday night, I have the honor to speak to my former congregation in Fridley, MN, as they celebrate their 100-year anniversary. They are doing the party right! A weekend full of celebrations, culminating in a worship night on June 15, 2016 – The actual anniversary the church officially incorporated. Former pastors, interns, missionaries and members have been invited to be part of this celebration.

At Saturday’s banquet dinner, I’ve been tasked to speak on “Faithfulness.” As I’ve been preparing for this event, my instinct is to talk about the faithfulness of a congregation over the past decade of it’s history. However, I’ve been paying close attention to Pastor Rob’s messages these past couple of weeks at PLC and now my tune has changed: I will talk about God’s faithfulness to a church for a century… and the church’s response to believe in that faithfulness.

Having served Redeemer for 9 years, I am familiar with its history. Something stood out as I reviewed that history – The church really didn’t hit its stride until it was 50. In other words, the church was 50 years old before it even began to look as it does today.

This got me thinking about PLC. What if in God’s great plan for our church we haven’t even hit our stride yet? (We’re only 45 years old.) What will former pastors of this church say at our Centennial anniversary? I love thinking about these things because it means we need to be in constant dialogue with God’s Spirit on the next step.

We have before us the next step – to connect people to Jesus. It’s not that we haven’t been doing this for 45 years. It means that we have to increase our intentionality to bring people to Christ (or bringing Christ to people) so that others may know him, grow in him, and live joyfully for him and others.

We serve an always faithful God. What will our response be? Believe that he will continue to be faithful to us as He has been in the past and act on this next step.

I’ll be taking some vacation time in chunks over the next number of weeks. Given our plans and opportunities that have arisen (like the invitation to Minnesota this weekend), this will not be done in one big chunk of time but sporadic. I so appreciate this time with my family as well as the opportunity to connect with friends that we rarely get to see. Relationships are so important and the most important ingredient to nurturing these relationships is time. Thank you for the time I get so that I may renew and refresh these relationships.

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